Small Business CD – A modern Blog & Website WordPress Theme for Start Up ideas Download

A WordPress Premium Blog Theme: Made for Business Startup

Created for Business Startup to share new ideas. However, the Premium WordPress Theme can be used for all types of companies. Build a clean, beautiful and modern website or blog. Use this responsive WordPress Theme as Blog, Magazine, One Page Site, Landing Page or as Full Website with all features together.

The Business Theme is packed with useful features such as – Slideshow, Widgets, Masonry layout and many more. Very easy to customize the website without html, css, php an javascript knowledge. It’s easy to change many settings in WordPress backend. The theme is fully responsive, SEO friendly and provides nice website performance.

Look behind the scenes.

How looks the backend? See more at our online documentation or live demo. Visit the Theme Documentation, this is the best way to find out how the WordPress Theme works. See all option panels of the theme backend.

Are you ready for a nice looking Business Theme for your website?


And there are more features:

The WordPress Start Up and Business Theme is fully responsive. Mobile first! Yes, it’s SEO friendly. Enjoy the sortable content sections via drag & drop. We love ACF, enjoy the usage and edit your website smarter. Take benefits of the performance of your website. Tested with kingdom speed test.

Widgets included:

  • Instagram widget (included)
    You need no extra plugin.
  • Recent Comments widget (included)
    You need no extra plugin.
  • Categories widget (included)
    You need no extra plugin.
  • Recent / Popular Posts widget – Style 1 (included)
    Setup the order of posts by recent, most viewed, most rated, most liked or most commented. You need no extra plugin.
  • Recent / Popular Posts widget – Style 2 (included)
    You need no extra plugin.
  • Recent / Popular Pages widget (included)
    You need no extra plugin.
  • Trending Posts widget (included)
    You need no extra plugin.
  • Social profiles widget (included)
    You need no extra plugin.
  • About author widget (included)
    You need no extra plugin.
  • Subscribe widget (included)
    You need no extra plugin.
  • Ad Banner Rotator widget (included)
    Add unlimited Images or HTML to the banner rotation in random order. You need no extra plugin.

Plugin Compatibility:

These plugins make the theme great.

  • Advanced Custom Fields PRO Plugin (included)
    SAVE 25 $
  • MailChimp Newsletter Plugin
    Integration as widget or content section.
  • Contact Form 7 Plugin
    It’s easy to build own forms.

Content Rating by Users:

Let your content be rating by users and get useful feedback. The Like and Rating Count are also included as a part post meta info.

  • Post Star Rating (included)
    Ready for Microdata / Structured Data.
    Show or hide the Post Star Rating for your WordPress posts. You need no extra plugin. Users can see the star rating in Google search results by included Microdata. This increases the click rate.
  • Like Button (included)
    Show or hide the Like Button for your WordPress posts. You need no extra plugin.
  • View Count for each Page (included)
    Show the view count of each post and use it for the order of popular posts. You need no extra plugin.

Your website goes social:

Social media is a important part of search engine marketing. Use the power of social sharing and lead users to your profiles. The sharing function includes sharing the content to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and Whatsapp on mobile devices. A e-Mail sharing button is also included.

  • Social Sharing Scrollbar (included)
    Show the Social Sharing Scrollbar on each post at the left or right side of the content. You need no extra plugin.
  • Social Sharing Postbar (included)
    Show the Social Sharing Postbar on each post at bottom of the content. You can also hide this.
  • Social Profile Widget (included)
    Add your own profiles and show the Social Profile Widget as a part of the sidebar.
  • Pinterest Pin-Button (included)
    Show the Pinterest Pin-Button on Image Hover and increase the sharing of your images. You can also hide this.

Amazing Features:

  • Image-Content Slider (included)
    You need no extra plugin.
  • Related Posts (included)
    You need no extra plugin.
  • AJAX Search Function (included)
    You need no extra plugin.
  • Image Lightbox (included)
    You need no extra plugin.
  • Custom pagination (included)
    You need no extra plugin.
  • Dropcaps (included)
    You need no extra plugin.
  • Font Awesome (included)
    Use more than 630 Icons.
  • Adobe Typekit Web Fonts (integration)
    Use more than 900 Typekit webfonts.
  • Google Web Fonts (integration)
    Use more than 800 Googe webfonts.
  • Google Maps (integration)
    You need no extra plugin.
  • EU Cookie Law Notification (included)
    You need no extra plugin.
  • Scroll to Top Button (included)
    You need no extra plugin.
  • Breadcrumb (included)
    You need no extra plugin.
  • Microdata / Structured Data (integration)
    For Review Rating, Post Rating (Stars), Breadcrumb and Blog Article Content.
  • Modal Window (included)
    Open forms or individual content in modal windows / add unlimited new modal windows.
  • Language theme support (included)
    Supported languages are english and german / come with .po file to translate to any language.
  • Child theme (included)
    Customize the theme with child theme function (perfectly to get every theme update without override your changes).
  • Unlimited Design Color
    Change to your favorite main color.

Page Content Sections:

Using a flexible page layout with different content section. Feel free to sort each content section via Drag & Drop. Add all or only your favorite content section.

  • Page Header Section
    With image or video background / if you use more than one image or video, the header is automatically a slider.
  • Logo Section
  • Features 1 Section
  • Features 2 Section
  • Features 3 Section
  • Image Section
  • Banner Section
  • Newsletter Section
  • Animated Image Section
  • Prices Section
  • Reviews Section
  • Custom Post / Page Teaser Section
  • Popular / Recent / Selected Posts Teaser Section
  • Pie Chart Section
  • Page Content Section
  • Custom HTML Section
  • Contact Section
  • Google Maps Section

Layout types:

  • Classic Blog layout
  • Masonry Grid layout
    You can switch between 2, 3 and 4 columns.

Post Formats:

All the following post formats are available and styled by the theme.

  • Standard Postformat
  • Gallery Postformat
  • Image Postformat
    Extra template with image focus.
  • Video Postformat
    Use YouTube or Vimeo embed.
  • Audio Postformat
    Use Soundcloud embed.
  • Quote Postformat
  • Link Postformat

Very useful Page Templates:

  • Landing Page – Show me
    With own separated scroll navigation.
  • Custom Filter Page – Show me
    Show a post filtered page by changing the categories, tags, single posts.
  • Seminar Page – Show me
    Add individual seminar dates. All dates are automatically included in a register form (based on contact form 7).
  • Download Page – Show me
    Add individual downloads (pdf, doc, images or each other files to a custom download page for your users) by displaying the file size and file extension.
  • Contact Page – Show me
    With Google Maps and Contact Form 7 integration.
  • Tags Page – Show me
    Show all or specific tags with image teaser on a separate page.
  • Category Page – Show me
    Show all or specific categories with image teaser on a separate page.
  • Glossary Page – Show me
    Show all your posts.
  • (User) Sitemap Page – Show me
    Show all your website pages.
  • Tabbed Page – Show me
    Show your website content separated in different tab sections. Select the left or right direction of the menu.
  • FAQ Page – Show me
    Show popular questions and answer it for your users.
  • Timeline Page – Show me
  • Individual 404 Error Page – Show me
    Change the image background and content.
  • Custom Image Attachment Page – Show me
    With own styled page, included comments and social sharing functionality.

Sidebar & Footerbar:

Activate or deactivate the page sidebar or footer bar and include your Widgets. Awesome Widgets are already included by the Startup Theme.


Easy to add custom shortcodes to the page or post content. All of this shortcodes are already included by the Business Theme.

  • Button Shortcode (included)
  • Unordered List Shortcodes (included with individual list icons)
  • Ordered List Shortcodes (included)
  • Tab Menu Shortcode (included)
  • Accordion Shortcode (included)
  • Icon Shortcode (included by Font Awesome)
  • Video Embed Shortcode (included by YouTube & Vimeo)
  • Alert Shortcode (included)
  • Dropcap Shortcode (included)
  • Line-In Shortcode (included)
  • Column Shortcode (included)
  • Divider Shortcode (included)
  • Highlight Text Shortcode (included)
  • Post Listing Shortcode (included)
  • Google Maps Shortcode (included)
  • Toggle Menu Shortcode (included)

Header Styles:

Easy to add individual Header with Image or Video Background to all pages.

It’s really easy to setup each Header type to a Carousel, Centered, Compact or Video Background. Image or Video Header are available for Pages, Posts and Categories or Tags Taxonomy Pages.

Kind of usage:

You can use this multipurpose Startup WordPress Theme for anything kind of website.

  • Use as Business Single One Page, with own navigation to scroll to each content section.
  • Use as Full WordPress Website.
  • If you need a full website, you can use the single one page as landing page (add unlimited landing pages).
  • Use as standalone Startup Blog.
  • Use as standalone Business Landing Page.

Many other features:

  • Multipurpose Startup Business WordPress Theme
  • HTML 5 / CSS 3
  • Clean design & typography
  • Sticky header navigation
  • SEO friendly
  • Blog ready for sharing business posts
  • 3th level Dropdown Menu
  • 2 Menu locations (Main Menu and Footer Menu)
  • Animated CSS effects
  • WordPress Widget ready
  • Post & Page Views Counter (show or hide this)
  • Post-Meta on post listing or single post (show or hide this)
  • Global search on main navigation (show or hide this)
  • Logo overlay on page reload (show or hide this)
  • Author bio section on posts (show or hide this)
  • Related posts (show or hide this / sort by category or tags)
  • Sidebar (show or hide this / on the left or right side / differently settings by global or single post)
  • Footerbar (show or hide this)
  • Adding unlimited scroll navigations for landingpages
  • Add your custom logo (in default and white version)
  • SVG support (you can upload svg files)
  • Add your favorite fonts (change main font or font for h1 – h4 headlines)
  • Social sharing scrollbar (show or hide this / in two colored versions)
  • Add custom social profiles (automatically used by widget and footer)
  • Social profile icons at footer (show or hide this)
  • Google maps integration (show or hide this / show it only on landing page or each site)
  • Upload and change own favicon and iOS icons
  • Show top navigation bar with no header in white version
  • Custom header for blog posts / tags / category
  • Well organized, commented & clean code
  • 100% Responsive WordPress Theme


Version 1.4 – February 07, 2017

 + UPDATE: Font Awesome to Version 4.7 + UPDATE: OWL Carousel to Version 2.2 + FIX: Missing header fields in selected post formats + FIX: Enable SVG / ICO Upload after WP 4.7 update + FIX: jQuery is not loaded in some cases + FIX: Some issues with HTML output in fields + FIX: Some style issues + FIX: Flickering on Carousel slide in Chrome and Safari + UPDATE: Sitemap Page - Add Page exclude per drop down select + NEW: Add custom font field for main menu + UPDATE: Update the image size for thumbnails from 55px to 100px --> After updating the theme, please regenerate your thumbnails with a plugin like <a href="">Regenerate Thumbnails</a> 

Version 1.3 – January 23, 2017

 + NEW: Shortcode - Toggle Menu + NEW: Template - FAQ Page + NEW: Template - Timeline Page + UPDATE: SmallBusiness CD Helper to Version 1.0.2 + UPDATE: ACF PRO to Version 5.5.5 + UPDATE: Pages - Now you can display comments on each page + UPDATE: Documentation 

Version 1.2 – January 19, 2017

 + UPDATE: Widget - Recent / Popular Posts V1: Add counts by Likes, Rating and Views + UPDATE: Widget - Recent / Popular Posts V1: Add order by most liked, rated and commented + UPDATE: Widget - Recent / Popular Posts V2: Add order by most liked, rated and commented + UPDATE: Widget - Recent / Popular Pages: Add post meta counts by Views + UPDATE: Content Section - Custom Post Teaser: Add order by most liked, rated and commented + UPDATE: ACF PRO to Version 5.5.4 + UPDATE: Displaying of the WordPress site title, if the logo is not selected + UPDATE: Language file + UPDATE: SmallBusiness CD Helper to Version 1.0.1 + NEW: Widget - Ad Banner Rotator + NEW: Shortcode - Google Maps Embed + NEW: Template - Tab Page 

Version 1.1 – January 09, 2017

 + FIX: Child-Theme - Changing of the wrong style.css path at functions.php + Setup of the default sidebar settings + Add a default favicon 

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