EVE – Events Directory WordPress Theme Download

EVE – Events Directory WordPress Theme

EVE is a premium WordPress theme for listing events. Theme is completely build upon the WooCommerce so you you can expect familiar back end user experience and functionality. In EVE we have extended all functionlity coming from WooCommerce to offer great tool for creating events directory website.

You can start easily monetizing your business because of depth integration of WooCommerce. It is possible to charge users for adding new events or you can start selling tickets.

Please read before purchase

  • Event is regular WooCommerce product with product type “Listing”.
  • All settings are located inside WordPress customizer.
  • For proper Google Maps functionality don’t forget to obtain Google Maps API key – Google Map JavaScript, Google Map Embed
  • Please make sure that you are using most recent version of PHP 5.6.x.
  • There is not official Visual Composer nor Slider Revolution slider support. But they should work as expected.
  • You can run one click installation from “Tools – One Click Installation” to get same content as demo site.

Event as “Listing” product type for WooCommerce

Theme is reusing already existing WooCommerce product functionality. We defined special product type called “Listing”. So from now you can create new events/listings as regular WooCommerce products. Just don’t forget to set the product type to “Listing” and new fields will be revealed. Reason for using such approach is great user experience because you don’t have to learn new system, just use something what you alredy know from WooCommerce.

Front End Submission

Core functionality of this directory theme is to allow users to post their submissions from the front end. It is not required to allow access to WordPress back end to post the listings. Plugin has dozens of predefined custom fields. If you want to just reorder, remove or add new field it is not problem at all.

Form Builder for Front End Submission

Listing Manager is incorporating field builder so you can change all fields without touching the source. Of course plugin has filter for that so if you are experienced developer you can implement you own business logic for front end fields.

Packages & Pricing

It is easy to create the packages for your users and start monetizing the business. Create the packages and then map them on the pricing tables. You can use all payment gateways supported by WooCommerce so you can reuse all already existing payment gateways for WooCommerce.

Custom Filters

Theme has over dozen of prepared filters for searching the content. You don’t have to install third party plugins to have advanced filtering functionality. You can display the filter in widget or via the shortcode. It is up to you which way do you choose. In widget you can easily reorder or hide the filter fields.

Google Maps

In theme you can display your events/listings on the Google Map. There is incorporate custom shortcode or widget for displaying the Google Map. Don’t forget that Google Maps API key is required. You can set it from the “Customizer – Listing Manager Google Maps”.

Favorite Listings

Theme supports to favorite the listings. Functionality is bundled right in the core. Users will be able to easily collect their favorite listings. It is required to be signed in to be able to favorite the listing.

Report Listings

Allow your users to report listing which is breaking the rules. Admin approval is always required to accept or declinde report query. There are several predefined reasons why the listing should be removed from catalogue.

Page Builder

For composing the layout theme is using Page Builder by SiteOrigin. It is free and easy to use page builder for WordPress. If you want you can try to use other page builder like Visual Composer but there is no official support nor bundled package in theme.

Full WooCommerce Support

Theme support the most common e-commerce solution WooCommerce. So you can run your shop with theme as well. Do you want to have shop and directory solution in your site at the same time. No problem for theme at all.

Agents & Companies

Are you going to build advanced events directory solution? Do you want to collect the companies and assign agents to them? You can do that easily. Please be aware that there is no advanced functionality behing the agents or companies. These post types are not for front end submission. It is more for CRM purposes and further development.

Translation Ready

All strings are properly wrapped into translation functions so it is not a problemto translate the theme at all. Theme contains main translation POT file inside languages folder. So you can use that file with your favorite WordPress plugin for translating theme strings.


Fully supported WooCommerce, Front end submission, Package system, Claim listing, Visual Composer support, Custom filters, Inquire form, Login, register, change password, renew password, Google Maps, Event date start support, Contact information, Set listing GPS, Statistics, Branding information, Opening hours, Listing price support, Report listing, Price formatting, Favorite listing, Inquire after login support, Social connections support, Locations & Amenities support, Listing categories and tags, Photo galleries, Pricing tables, Translation ready, Write listing reviews


  • Images on our demo site are not a part of package. Downloadable package contains only placeholders.


  • Font families: Montserrat, Open Sans
  • Images: Unsplash
  • Icons: Flaticon

Tags: event, events, directory, listings, listing, ticket, packages, payments, paypal, company, business, front end submission, woocommerce, page builder, map

v1.0.18 – 11/23/2016

 * FIX: terms count recalculation * FIX: user registration notices 

v1.0.17 – 11/18/2016

 * FEATURE: after changing the post status to private the terms count is recalculated https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/19192 * IMPROVEMENT: date calendar popup for date inputs * IMPROVEMENT: unpublish events by end date * IMPROVEMENT: "Category Icon" plugin added into TGM 

v1.0.16 – 11/07/2016

 * FEATURE: order by event date [listing_manager_product_attribute attribute="product_type" filter="listing" orderby="listing_manager_event_date" columns="5" per_page="10"] * FIX: categories boxes 

v1.0.15 – 10/31/2016

 * FIX: gallery CSS * FEATURE: pay for featuring listing (Customizer - Listing Manager Micropayments) * FEATURE: pay for claiming listing (Customizer - Listing Manager Micropayments) * FEATURE: PHP7 support 

v1.0.14 – 10/21/2016

 * IMPROVEMENT: event detail gallery refactoring 

v1.0.13 – 10/16/2016

 * IMPROVEMENT: cron jobs refactoring 

v1.0.12 – 10/14/2016

 * IMPROVEMENT: input fields 

v1.0.11 – 10/14/2016

 * FEATURE: Bookly plugin should work as expected * FEATURE: admin reviews * IMPROVEMENT: order options for stream shortcode [listing_manager_stream orderby="event_date" order="ASC"] * IMPROVEMENT: simplified CSS styling * IMPROVEMENT: added return URL option to Visual Composer Filter * FIX: notices on submission page * FIX: reset password form 

v1.0.10 – 09/30/2016

 * FEATURE: new field types for field builder "date" and "time" * FEATURE: unpublish passed events (Customizer - Listing Manager Events - Unpublish passed events). It is required to disable and enable plugin again to register cron job. * IMPROVEMENT: removed packages and listings actions in admin 

v1.0.9 – 09/23/2016

 * FEATURE: search event start date * FEATURE: unlimited listings in package allowed * FEATURE: unlimited package duration allowed 

v1.0.8 – 09/22/2016

 * FEATURE: added event end date * IMPROVEMENT: added more event fields into front end form * IMPROVEMENT: submission form CSS * FIX: proper price display * FIX: purchase block condition 

v1.0.7 09/21/2016

 * FEATURE: unlimited color combinations (Customizer - EVE Colors) 

v1.0.6 09/20/2016

 * FEATURE: added order by event date * FEATURE: added sticky header white version (Customizer - EVE General - Sticky header type) * IMPROVEMENT: added login link into submission form * IMPROVEMENT: front end forms errors * IMPROVEMENT: year display in listing loop * IMPROVEMENT: better category and locations display * FIX: sticky header z-index * FIX: responsive * FIX: events listing sorting * FIX: select box right padding * FIX: checkbox field label font size 

v1.0.3 – v1.0.5 09/19/2016

 * FEATURE: added Unlimited Star Ratings plugin * FEATURE: added WP Envato Market plugin * FIX: secondary navigation white header link colors * FIX: header types * FIX: responsive adjustment * FIX: long location titles 

v1.0.2 – 09/18/2016

 * IMPROVEMENT: added claim button * FIX: color combination 

v1.0.1 – 09/17/2016

 * IMPROVEMENT: white header version (Customizer - EVE General - Header Type) * FIX: social icons adjustments * FIX: other minor CSS fixes 

More information: https://themeforest.net//item/eve-events-directory-wordpress-theme/17034737?s_rank=1593

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