Edicat – Flexible and Multi Purpose WordPress Theme Download

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Edicat – Overview

  • Customizable: EDICAT is extremely customizable with many different options and settings. You can make it look how you want with our robust admin panel
  • Lots of Headers: 9 Built in Headers with 6 different colour schemes.
  • Visual Composer: Worth $34, Using Visual Composer you can add and remove shortcodes to make your theme pages look instantly unique. Edicat comes with more than 30 shortcodes that can be added to your pages to create shops, front pages, team pages, timelines, plans, counters, launch pages and more. If you’re new to visual composer, we have also provided lots of templates to get you started.
  • Plenty of shortcodes: Whether you want to use our awesome slider with cuztomizable slides and lots of animations, or countdown, Edicat comes with lots of shortcodes built in so you can make the most of your website.
  • Likes: Making a new post or gallery? Your users can like those!
  • Customizable Pages: Edicat comes packaged with many different options to make your pages stand out. You can make Launch Pages with countdowns, Portfolio Pages, Team Pages, Product Pages and many, many more. We have provided default templates but the possibilities are endless.
  • WooCommerce Ready: now you can sell all your items with our WooCommerce integration, in true style. Set up your WooCommerce pages or make some new ones with Visual Composer. Your products will be flying off the virtual shelves!
  • Blog Features: Want to let everyone know what you’re doing? With Edicat’s unique blog features you can do just that. Includes a blog menu to show only your post formats rather than menu links for a truly blog centric experience. Check it out in our Live Preview above!
  • Widget Combinator Built In: Comes with widget combination built in, so that the most common widgets now don’t take up as much room. Combine your recent posts, recent comments and some other default widgets into one super widget!
  • Business Ready: Whether you’re selling a product or telling a story about your business, Edicat can provide you with lots of shortcodes to do just that.
  • Demo Importer: Edicat’s Admin Panel now comes with a demo importer so you can quickly import your favourite Edicat demos.
  • Right to Left (RTL) Support: Included as default, right to left text support means you can align all your text as going from right to left.

Other Features

  • Google Fonts: Comes with over 600 google fonts, so you’ll never get bored.
  • Massive Number of Icons: Bored of the same old icons all the time? Edicat comes with 1000s of icons you can put just about anywhere.
  • Language Support: Comes with language files so you can set up your own translations, and works with qTranslate/WPML.
  • Awesome CSS3 animations and effects, from slider effects to slide in effects in the blog.
  • Great integrated comment section that pops out on any page with comments.
  • Set your blog up with masonry, or without.
  • Infinite scroll on the blog, so your users don’t have to reload the next page.
  • Compatible with IE9 and upwards, and all modern versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge and Opera.
  • Left and Right Sidebar.
  • Custom widgets including Custom Categories, Share This Post and Social Media Links.
  • Blog post categories including aside, audio, gallery, video, quote and more. Archived blog posts will display differently and show media to users, so you can play audio clips or videos while in the archive.
  • Responsive and Retina Ready, will work on mobile or desktop!


 ------------- VERSION 1.4.1 DEC 16 2016 ------------- # BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where attachment pages wouldn’t work # BUG FIX: Fixed a bug with the mega menu where hovering over would start a hover effect where it was unnecessary # BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where gradient headers weren’t working on front pages # BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where calendar items on the blog were displaying with incorrect colours on their backgrounds ----------- VERSION 1.4 DEC 11 2016 ----------- # DOCUMENTATION: We have started documenting everything here: http://www.mematica.com/edicat/documentation. We've still included the default documentation but we'll be adding more and more in the coming days to this website. # FEATURE UPDATED: Removed some unused code to make everything faster # FEATURE UPDATED: Enable comments button on page more obvious # FEATURE UPDATED: Hiding menu items is now an option, rather than a menu style # FEATURE UPDATED: Comments Updated Slightly # FEATURE UPDATED: Updates to the left and right headers so that they look better # FEATURE UPDATED: Underlined Headers now come in white, and outlined headers in black # FEATURE UPDATED: The menu style has been updated slightly # FEATURE UPDATED: We've updated the look and feel of blog posts # FEATURE UPDATED: New Blog Styles # Structured blog now has new widget style # Minimal and Standard blog style has had padding added # Likes, Date and Comments buttons updated and repositioned # Blog post header area realigned to look better # Animations added to blog post so that the blog header text slides in if desired # FEATURE UPDATED: Made widget column slightly thinner # FEATURE UPDATED: Big/Bold Slider now has a 'disable parallax' button. # NEW FEATURE: Admin Updates # Now you can change the header and menu colours to anything you want, as well as our preset defaults. # Loading Symbol Selector - you can now select which loading symbol to use. We've also updated the loading symbol # You can now update the main fonts of the theme to a set of pre-selected fonts. # Custom CSS and JS Sections in Admin Panel # NEW FEATURE: We now have the option to force a page's title font to be serif or sans-serif # NEW FEATURE: You can now add a title animation to posts # NEW FEATURE: Added footer effect on scroll # NEW LAYOUT: Narrow with Top Margin # NEW MENU STYLE: Highlighted Menu Items # NEW HEADER: Unintegrated 'background image' header (so you can have the header sitting above the content with the background image behind it). Also a new option to force background images to cover the background. # NEW HEADER: Social Media Buttons Available in Header # NEW DRAWER MENU STYLE: Padded Drawer Menu # NEW DRAWER MENU STYLE: 'Main Event' centred drawer menu # NEW DRAWER MENU STYLE: Regular Slide Out Drawer # BUG FIX: Fixed the 'zoom icons' so that the animation is less jittery. Also fixed a problem with associated colours being displayed incorrectly. # BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where the shopping basket number would be off centre for minimal headers # BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where the page widget would have unclickable items if subpages existed # BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where you couldn't go back one slide on the team slider. # BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where the boxed layout would not be properly padded # BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where images couldn't be inserted into posts or pages. # BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where the header darkened cover would not show on a fresh install. # BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where the blog categories would not show unless you changed the blog style. # BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where the background image would not show. # BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where Woocommerce 'add to cart' button would misalign after a page was smooth loaded. # BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where images on the demo importer would return an error when the image was missing. # MINOR TWEAK: Random Stock Images and Post Likes Option moved to 'Blog' section of admin panel. Menu Buttons moved to Header + Menu section. # MINOR TWEAK: Moved the blog progress bar to the bottom of the page. # MINOR TWEAK: Turned Smooth Loading off by default. # OTHER: Updated Visual Composer to latest version. # OTHER: Added new Demo Import ------------- VERSION 1.3.6 DEC 06 2016 ------------- # BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where you couldn’t submit images in the post editor. ------------- VERSION 1.3.5 NOV 30 2016 ------------- # BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where WooCommerce would have its tables misaligned. ------------- VERSION 1.3.4 NOV 25 2016 ------------- # BUG FIX: Fixed the mega menu so that it worked when only one item exists # BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where the shopping basket number would be off centre for minimal headers # BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where the blog header would always be centred. ------------- VERSION 1.3.3 NOV 24 2016 ------------- # BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where WooCommerce Product Covers would not cover the whole product. # BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where if a mega menu existed on a page, and no sub menu items existed, the page would break. # BUG FIX: Fixed centred header so that when menu buttons are turned off the logo adjusts in size appropriately. ------------- VERSION 1.3.2 NOV 23 2016 ------------- # BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where the outlined headers would not work on the slide in slides. # BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where the admin UI would disappear if notifications were being displayed. # BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where the header cover would never show up on blog posts. ------------- VERSION 1.3.1 NOV 21 2016 ------------- # BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where broken links would just load forever instead of redirecting to a 404. # BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where 404 page post suggestions would be displayed incorrectly. ----------- VERSION 1.3 NOV 20 2016 ----------- # FEATURE UPDATED: New Plan Style and Colours # FEATURE UPDATED: Headers now come with more styles Header Style: Simplistic Header Style: Simplistic with Underline Header Style: Outlined Header # FEATURE UPDATED: New Demo Import Added # NEW FEATURE: New Blog Styles Blog Style: Featured Post Masonry Blog Style: Overlapping Header Blog Style: New full height images in archives Blog Style: Update to quote layout # NEW FEATURE: Finished Article Meter. Now you can tell how far through an article you are # NEW FEATURE: New Slide - Slide with list and featured images # NEW FEATURE: Smaller Sidebar for your blog available # NEW FEATURE: Header with Icon # NEW FEATURE: The Zoom Icon - Clicking on this create a pretty awesome popup icon. # BUG FIX: Fixed bug where Visual Composer would hide options on the first row. # BUG FIX: Fixed a few left to right bugs # BUG FIX: Fixed a bunch of header alignment bugs # OTHER: French Language Support Updated ----------- VERSION 1.25 ----------- # FEATURE UPDATED: Revamped Admin Panel # Demo Import Now Available # FEATURE UPDATED: French Language Support Updated # FEATURE UPDATED: RTL Support Added # OTHER: Updates to Documentation # BUG FIX: Add to Cart Button Aligned Properly # BUG FIX: Some Minor Bug Fixes ----------- VERSION 1.2 ----------- # FEATURE UPDATED: Admin Page has been spiced up a little bit, letting you get on with the important things # FEATURE UPDATED: Drawer menu now comes in all theme colours. # FEATURE UPDATED: Different arrows on slider # FEATURE UPDATED: White menu looks better # FEATURE UPDATED: Some changes to buttons # FEATURE UPDATED: ET Icons added # FEATURE UPDATED: Shopping cart now tells you how many items are in it # FEATURE UPDATED: Team Member Layout Refined # FEATURE UPDATED: Main Menu Search button now brings you to a more elegant search bar # FEATURE UPDATED: New normal menu dropdown animation # FEATURE UPDATED: Features now support background images # FEATURE UPDATED: WooCommerce Cart looks better now # FEATURE UPDATED: Plan now has new styles # Defined # Default # FEATURE UPDATED: List now looks better # FEATURE UPDATED: Quick Header Styles Added # Left Aligned # Centre Aligned # Right Aligned # FEATURE UPDATED: Quick Header Colours Added # Blue # Red # Green # Purple # FEATURE UPDATED: Quick Header Sizes Added # Normal # Large # Extra Large # FEATURE UPDATED: Font changes (Raleway now used) # FEATURE UPDATED: WooCommerce now has a more refined appearance. # Changes to Item Layout # Changes to Sale Button # FEATURE UPDATED: Contact Form appearance changed # FEATURE UPDATED: Maps appearance changed # FEATURE UPDATED: New testimonial design # NEW FEATURE: Full Smooth Scrolling # NEW FEATURE: Scroll Effect now Enabled so as you scroll the page appears in front of you # NEW FEATURE: New Slide # New Slide - Big and Bold. Large text, small subtext, big buttons. Option for Gradient text too! # NEW FEATURE: Intro Slider - Don't want slides? Now you don't need them. Use this element to make an intro image using any of our pre-existing slides # NEW FEATURE: Overlapping Block # NEW HEADER: Really Minimal # BUG FIX: Padded Header now displays normally in visual composer # BUG FIX: Fixed a problem where gallery likes would not work # OTHER: Demo site updated. ----------- VERSION 1.11 ----------- # BUG FIX: Scrolling was not always working in blog sidebar # BUG FIX: Visual Composer was not displaying controls on first visual composer element added ----------- VERSION 1.1 ----------- # FEATURE UPDATED: Blue is now bluer. Some other colour changes. Other colours have been changed slightly. # FEATURE UPDATED: Drawer menu icon now turns into an X when clicked. # Drawer animation is now slightly different # Some style updates to contents of the drawer # FEATURE UPDATED: Changes to tabs to make them look more modern by default. # Tab alignment has been fixed. # FEATURE UPDATED: Edicat Slider # Added 'Topple' Animation # Added 'Random' Animation, which plays a random animation for each slide # Subtle image/video mouse move animation on slides # FEATURE UPDATED: Countdown now has a slightly changed design. # FEATURE UPDATED: Countdown page now has a different loading icon. # FEATURE UPDATED: Counters are now much smaller. # FEATURE UPDATED: In the padded container element, if you use a cover without a background it will fill the background instead of being slightly transparent. # FEATURE UPDATED: Admin Area redesigned # New icons for options # FEATURE UPDATED: Gallery captions are now displaying properly # FEATURE UPDATED: Icons for header menu buttons updated # FEATURE UPDATED: Headers # Touchups to white headers # Changes to default fonts and spacing # Slight transparency when a slider is the first element in a page on side headers # FEATURE UPDATED: Visual Composer gap at top between header and content removed # NEW STYLE: New Timeline style # NEW STYLE: New Feature Layout # NEW HEADER: Padded Header # NEW HEADER: Right Side Header # NEW HEADER: Centred Logo Header # NEW FEATURE: Mega Menu # Columnar Drop Down Menu # Option to Add Images # BUG FIX: Fixed a problem where plans were not featured properly # BUG FIX: Fixed a problem where resizing would cause the countdown to break # BUG FIX: Fixed a problem where the blog would never load on mobile devices # BUG FIX: Fixed a problem where rotating buttons would not work in IE # BUG FIX: Featured buttons which are white now have black text @ OTHER: Updated documentation # OTHER: Some removal of unused CSS styles # OTHER: Moved the admin settings to below the 'Dashboard' button in the admin panel ----------- VERSION 1.0 ----------- # Initial Release 

More information: https://themeforest.net//item/edicat-flexible-and-multi-purpose-wordpress-theme/16922520?s_rank=1513

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