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Calafate – Portfolio & WooCommerce WordPress Theme is a new Portfolio WordPress experience focused in what matters, your contents and how you build your site. In the same way that brave people develops new ways for living, your work deserves new & original languages for communicate with your audience. We have created the canvas and the tools for this, you just need to add your super powers and awesomeness.

Calafate provides a custom page builder, this means that your site won´t be bloated with rubbish code and your markup will be SEO friendly. The builder generates only the markup necessary without all these messy elements and code that other composers add to your pages. They try to target many different concepts, industries and general areas. Calafate focuses on what really matters, creativity tools. With some few clicks you will be able to generate simple and complex layouts and you will be able to work with many different creative tools, being the hero one of the most important areas. You can play with this element in many different ways, playing with color schemes in each page and combine this with fade actions in order to create really interesting experiences, combinations are endless.

Also, you will be amazed with the fast technology behind, doing your pages loading really fast thanks to the advanced AJAX features, you can also disable this option, of course.

Many tools are available to create your project presentations. We have been working during many years with different creative folks and we know the tools and features you seek for & need. Having this into account, we created a very lightweight page builder only with the tools you need in order to bring your projects to a new high level. Your pages in minutes, this is Calafate.

Complete features list

  • Responsive, of course
  • AJAX driven theme. You can also disable this feature.
  • Two different navigations. A regular one and a compact one.
  • Unique & lightweight custom page builder. You can create unique and very creative layouts to display your projects in a very easy way.
  • WordPress Customizer ready
  • Packery, Isotope & masonry layouts
  • Lazy loading
  • Regular pagination
  • Cool filtering method for your project items
  • Multiple portfolio pages
  • Custom fullscreen backgrounds for each project and section. With unique features.
  • Hero sliders and self hosted videos
  • Google fonts library
  • Select the portfolio columns and four different layouts kinds. Funcky, Clean, Boring & Text.
  • Fully customizable portfolio pages. Color schemes and heroes.
  • Adjust the sizes for your text, fonts, color. Combinations are unlimited.
  • Localization ready
  • WooCommerce integration (e-commerce/shop features) support. Unique experience.
  • iOS/Mobile Ready
  • Touch gestures and keyboard support for sliders
  • Portfolio & Woocommerce XML to import dummy content (placeholder images) to have an easy and fast start with your new theme.

Do you need support?

Dashboard and ticksy are checked regularly during business hours (9:00h-18:00h UTC+1). We’ll get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24-48 hours. In the meantime make sure that your query was not asked before in any thread and remind you to have a look at the FAQs.

Support tasks are the questions and doubts about the theme itself. Support tasks don´t cover customizations or particular requirements. Before purchasing the theme, make sure that it covers your needs and if you could have any doubt before, do not hesitate to contact. We will try to help with it.

Change log

v1.2.3 // updated: Feb 7 · 2017

  • Fixed the portfolio shortcode (broken in v1.2.1)

v1.2.2 // updated: Feb 01 · 2017

  • Improved hero header with more options:
    • Now you can configure a hero element with ‘start’ & ‘end’ opacity. More creative tools!
    • You can handle the distance between the header and the content. See it in action ☞ here
    • Some calafaters wanted page backgrounds. Ladies & gentlemen, you can use the hero now as regular background with the new included tools.
  • Added custom color scheme for blog posts
  • Fixed some issues in the portfolio grid
  • Fixed a few WooCommerce styling details

v1.2.1 // updated: Jan 27 · 2017

  • Added a blog shortcode
  • Fixed some different bugs

v1.2 // updated: Jan 13 · 2017

  • Added a new hovering option (secondary images on hover grid items)
  • Added a portfolio shortcode
  • Added caption support for hero sliders
  • Improved WooCommerce notices
  • Improved WPML support
  • Fixed various minor bugs

v1.1.5 // updated: Jan 6 · 2017

  • Added pagination option for the shop
  • Added custom logo option for the blog
  • Improved lightbox functionanlity
  • Fixed a handful of WooCommerce bugs
  • Fixed navigation for posts when comments disabled issue

v1.1.0 // updated: Dec 16 · 2016

  • Added a new portfolio hover style (See it in live ☞ here.)
  • Added the option to load custom URL’s from the portfolio thumbnails
  • Fixed some minor issues

v1.0.5 // updated: Dec 9 · 2016

  • Fixed a bug in IE11
  • Fixed some search related issues
  • Fixed password protection for portfolio pages
  • Improved support for Contact Form 7 v4.6
  • Added option to display sharing links as icons
  • Added Spanish translation. ¡Muchas gracias, Mtreik!

v1.0.4 // updated: Dec 5 · 2016

  • Fixed a small issue related to page titles duplicity

v1.0.3 // updated: Dec 2 · 2016

  • Added the option to hide the page title even when there is no hero header
  • Added the option to display content before the portfolio grid
  • Added styling for “Related Posts for WordPress” plugin
  • Added password protection for content
  • Improved WordPress galleries with more options
  • Updated Calafate Shortcodes and Advanced Custom Fields plugins

v1.0.2 // updated: Nov 25 · 2016

  • Added lightbox option for portfolio grid items
  • Added toggle shortcode (updated the Calafate Shortcodes plugin to v0.2)
  • Added styling for “Related Posts for WordPress” plugin
  • Added German translation (Thanks a lot, Volker!)
  • Fixed contact form display bugs
  • Fixed laggish loading on Chrome
  • Fixed an error related to the WooCommerce checkout page

v1.0.1 // updated: Nov 18 · 2016

  • Added autoplay option for hero sliders
  • Added “always visible” option for the header
  • Added the option to display content after the portfolio grid
  • Added option to display search icon on mobile devices
  • Added support for Visual Composer
  • Improved video lightbox support
  • Fixed some minor bugs

v1.0 // Initial Release: Nov 15 2016


A special big ‘THANK YOU!’ for those talented artists and creatives that provided us with some of their amazing pieces to illustrate Calafate Portfolio & WooCommerce WordPress Theme.

  • byFutura
  • Futu Creative
  • Matthieu Belin
  • Kati Forner
  • Alexandros Mavrogiannis
  • Nora Kaszanyi
  • Candice Ralph
  • Antonio García Cárceles
  • Made by Alphabet
  • Mustafa Çelik
  • Ello for the inspiration

The products in the shop area are courtesy by:

  • Leibal – Many thanks, you are the best, guys!
  • Sovrappensiero Design Studio – Lorenzo and Ernesto, thanks!

And a very special mention to my mate Ruben for all the stunning magics & hard work done in this project. Such a pleasure, mate.

IMPORTANT: Images used to illustrate the demo are copyrighted by its owners. The illustrators & designers mentioned above. In no way, any of these images are included on the final package you download from Themeforest. They are only used for demonstration proposals.

More information:

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